Merry Christmas

From Our Fabulous Team

Our team of merry elves would like to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful customers for your support throughout the year! Merry Christmas from Karen, Petra, Sara and ShawnA special thanks to Heena & Michael at Brown Butter Cafe for letting us use their beautiful tree and their great drinks & treats!

Honduras Sewing Ministry

A beautiful bunch of Hooty Hoot Creators!

Last summer we were able to partner with Colleen Ryan on her Honduras Missions Trip. Read her story below.

Since 2002 I’ve been traveling to Honduras every July to partner with a wonderful Christian ministry, World Gospel Outreach. They not only provide free medical clinic services to the poor Honduran people but they also take in abused and orphaned children that the Honduran government gives them legal guardianship of. And it is the children’s ministry that I’ve been working with.

I began to ask myself the question: What can I do to contribute to their precious lives? What skill set do I have that I can teach them? And I thought of sewing! My sweet momma had taught me how to sew as a child, and now I had the opportunity to teach some other children. And so in 2004 I began my sewing ministry. We started simple with pillowcases, and then over the years have progressed to tote bags, owl pillows, fleece hoodies and even quilts. And it’s been a joy to see them not only learn a skill, but to persevere through their projects even when they had to rip out a seam or two!  Now the older kids are fully capable to hem their own pants, take in a seam or two and even design and create their own clothing! Very exciting!

A few years later I was asked if I’d begin a sewing class for the poor Honduran women who live in the community.  By teaching them a skill they could attempt to climb a bit out of poverty and provide for their family. And so I did. And it has been a BLAST to work with these precious women. They are so thankful and eager to learn and we’ve discovered some ladies who are truly gifted with sewing.  I anticipated that they would be thankful for the opportunity to learn a skill, but what I didn’t anticipate was how much it meant to them to have someone invest in their lives, to take an interest in THEM, to love on THEM and build a relationship with THEM. On occasion I’ve had a sweet gal bring me a few fresh chicken eggs, or a few bananas from their banana tree to express their appreciation. And I treasure those gifts, as I understand the sacrifice it was to give them.

I’ve recently partnered with Classy Threads and it’s been a huge blessing to receive their donations of both cotton and fleece material. Since we are a self-supporting ministry we need to be mindful of our expenses and so to be on the receiving end of their thoughtful and generous hearts has been a fantastic blessing.

You just never know what God will do when willing hearts combine forces together to benefit those less fortunate then us. We indeed are blessed.

Christmas Holiday Closure

We hope everyone gets to enjoy some downtime for the holidays! We will be taking orders until December 20th and then taking a break until January 5th. We look forward to working with you all in 2020!